Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not in the mood

Been awhile since I touched this blog. Saying that quite a few repetitive times. No inspirations. Don't really know what to write. Even if I had the inspirations. My inspirations didn't last. Am busy the past and the next few weeks. I changed my job from a teacher, to somewhat free-and-easy job. Something like, when any company needs you for the day, they would ring me up, and I would pop out to do the stuffs needed. Done quite a lot of "MAN" stuffs too. A relatively interesting job to have. Pay wasn't fixed. Different jobs give you different experiences. Got this job from a secondary school friend of mine. So why not take a bite to it yea? Some days can get REAL BORED. Just like today. Meeting sponsors. Get your proposals done. Print. Photocopy. Edit. Make phone calls and the list goes on. The good part of this job is ... You get to sit down in cafes like coffee bean and Starbucks for a cup of tea/coffee or even a sandwich along with it. Enjoying the quietness during the non-lunch hour periods. Looking at office workers rushing from one point to another. Or even witnessing some higher rank "slackers". Sometimes, I would even have time to SHOP. Great Singapore Sales! Those stingy people like me, WILL LOVE THIS PERIOD TO HELL! We would be splurging our cash only at these periods of the month. Because, you get STUFFS CHEAP! Plus, cosmetic stores in Singapore have currently implemented "SAMPLES" into their business management, allowing customers to try first before purchasing!! Girls with sensitive skins like mine. Always have to think, research, save, in order to invest something that is gentle and wouldn't cause breakouts. Recently, I ate a wrong type of medications along with avid drinking of milk. I've got a sever outbreak. Causing me to lose my self-esteem, ONCE AGAIN. Had to seek consultations from my family doctor. And he prescribed me some oral antibiotics and topical cream. After about coming to 3 weeks into the medications, I finally cleared my acne problems. But what pissed me most, are those pimples, after they are healed, they leave those hyper-pigmentations on my face. Some people will not take them to heart, BUT ME, is a NO NO. Because, my skin is in the fair range, hyper-pigmentations tend to be more obvious even if I am not under the sunlight. So it is a must for me to conceal them when ever I am going out for a friends meet up or gym. No matter how well I try concealing them, they still can be seen!!! Maybe because I am not a skilled makeup artist. So I may or may not cover these pigmentations, I don't really bother now. Since my acne have stop appearing, sometimes one or two zits will still pop out, especially during those time of the month. I am happy with my conditions. Plus I look younger after taking the medications prescribed!!! Relatives and some other long time no see friends, have been complimenting me that I still look young! But they didn't know in fact I did look mature previously. Maybe after taking that medications, I started to look more younger! =) Could be a psychological thinking, still, I take it YESH I DO LOOK YOUNG! HAHAHA On the other hand, I was finally enlighten what is to love someone before it is too late. Lucky for me, I wasn't late! I have a close friend, who currently is "sick". She just went through surgery on her kidney. But her conditions will further be put under observations under the specialists care. Once, she told me on whatapps, saying that she dreamt of DEATH. And she said that was this uncle in her dream, telling her when god will be taking her away. Lucky for both me and her family, her mom was on HIGH ALERT the day after she dreamt that she would be taken away. Her mom make sure she didn't fall asleep on a particular period which that "uncle" told her he would take her away. So my dear friend DID NOT went away. Was glad that I didn't lose a friend of mine, just like that. Was glad that I was given a second chance to love my friend more in future. Show my gratitude and cherish them, because they live through half of my life. Next thing I will going to be talking about, is that, I had been busy researching and studying also. NOT for my future studies. But what cosmetics to buy an bring during my holiday trip to SEOUL end of the year. Its winter! And my skin, delicate skin, should be well protected to prevent any mishaps from happening again. HAHA. Don't really know which moisturizer to invest in yet. So shall get LOADS of samples before investing in a proper one. And again, I will also be spending my money on winter wears. =.- Will be going bankrupt soon! Already decided what to buy, so am taking fully advantage of the GSS season to get my stuffs, before prices increases TREMENDOUSLY again after the GSS. Money is hard to EARN OK!!! I work so HARD, and my salary so-so only. Plus after deducting all those transportation and lunch + Dinner fees, my salary left peanuts only. Plus must pay for my uni hostel fees. HAI! Grow up le, so many things to worry! So 麻烦! With that I come to the end of my post. =) Chiao! 再见!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pride and Prejudice

Lets just say, I fell in love with this. Watched the funny version on OKTO last Friday night. And I've got addicted to it. Was planning to catch the whole series on the internet. But there was none other than a movie itself. I watched. I cried. I felt the INTENSIVE love. How romantic and how loyal Mr Darcy can be. I totally fell in love with what he did for the girl. Sometimes, I really wished that there's someone like him would be there for me in the present and future. Omgosh. I falling in love with this story. And, I shall get the book real soon. I've never seen or imagine LOVE can be something that is so WONDERFUL. I have always thought love was something that hurts real bad. And I know it still hurts. But the feelings can never be so wonderful before. ... I shall await for my "Mr. Darcy" =)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working as a T'cher

Very interesting and fun.

Had a good time communicating with the kids.
These kids are really brilliant. And they really bring joys to me, even if I started the day with negative mindsets.

However, good things always come short.

Right now, because another t'cher was bullied by another class kids, I had to exchange classes with her.

Rumors hear that this Class 199 is full of ah lian and ah beng. And they are really hard to handle. Even from Huei Fang's mouth, she said they are very scheming ...

So I guess this Friday would be my first day of hell.

Let's just see how evil these kids are.

And honestly, I'm quite scared and lost of how to handle them.
These rumors did made me really cause a lot of things going through my mind.

Today's off day though. But I still can't stop thinking of how I should handle these kids when I see them for the first time tml.

Even the principal tells me that these kids are harder to handle ... So she gave me a few tips to handle them.


Tml will be a war for me.
And even if I'm afraid, I will take up this challenge!

Show these kids that not all t'chers can be taken advantage of.

They want to test me? Let them test.

I will show them by showing me no respect, will not be good to them either.
Will not punish them physically, but using mental punishments to deal with them.

Tml ... will be the day I start to grow.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sorry for the super late updating.

Started work, and everything was really tight.
Super tiring taking care of those kids.

They were fun.
They aren't that innocent we used to be when we were at their age.

Loads of excuses. But that's ok.

Back to prom.

Had makeup artists to complete each of our individual looks.

And I admit that, that day, I looked ALOT prettier with makeup on.
And my friends kept calling me a doll after that.

It was PURE fun!

Prom Queen.

Going crazy over that picture video.

And also walked outside around the hotel in the middle of the night.
Didn't sleep.

Was too exciting to sleep.

Because of room was bunked in by Jin Ming's clique,
Some of us girls went to Wong Pann Room to chit chat.

That wong pann guy?
Tsk, He's an asshole! HAHA

He splurted out all my embarrasing nicknames to my friends.

7 YEARS friend! How can he do that do me??
What a bad influence la.

Ate breakfast with Wei ming, Lenice and Alex.
Checked out early.

Slpt on both the bus and train
Home and slpt another 4 hours before dinner.
Sleep again for the night before heading to my first day as a t'cher.

Short and brief.
Don't really have time to go into details.
Next time when I'm free I would.

Had been working 2 jobs to pay for my future Uni hostel fee.

Gotta go bathe and off i go for work again. Cya

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Can't believe it.

I'm starting to hate prom. Spent another $40 for both upper and lower lashes!!

Don't know if I'm too naive to get cheated by these shop assistants, Or everything is just SO EXPENSIVE.

Dress = $62
Alter = $18
Choker = $50
Bracelet = Free
Heels = $49.90
Lashes = $40

Hotel?? = ard. $50
Ball Room = $65

WTF WTF WTF WTF! I spent so BLOODY MUCH for this prom. Heart pain!

Oh and plus Make up = $55 + $10 (To put on lashes)


Total will be = $399.90

NEARLY $400. WTF?!

... For sure, the next few months before the uni starts, I'm SO NOT GOING OUT AT ALL! Except for Graduation.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012

Hello Readers,

To Whoever you're or maybe in the future.


I need you peepz to watch it so that all of you readers will be aware of the things out there. Somewhere where we can't see or touch. That's why they are called the Invisible kids.

And these kids have to KILL at such a tender age. Killing their own parents?! Losing their virginity? Sex Slaves and so on.



Be it Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Email, Google Plus or whatever your friends can see and hear the cries of these children.


I'm not trying to gain followers through this. BUT after watching this video it mae me realized how fortunate we really are.

Some of us may mature faster than others. BUT we DID NO LOSE OUR CHILDHOOD! We play and live each day w/o worries. And these kids run in fear every single day!


Please spread!